"Food That Fuels"

Agapé Juices

Agapé Juices came about because we, in the course of our long-time friendship, went through similar experiences of losing our parents and other relatives to the “Big C” and Alzheimer’s. Through these experiences and continuing research and education we learned about the control that “Big Pharma” has on our lives, and the lies we’re being sold about the poisonous chemicals used to treat these ailments and others, some as simple as an infected tooth or the common cold. It became a strong desire to educate others and to promote natural, healthy eating and lifestyle choices, because when you give your body the proper fuel it needs, it is designed to heal itself. We understand that some doctors truly believe they are doing what’s best, because they too have been misled during their years of training in med school and beyond.


In the spring of 2016, after watching the series, “The Truth About Cancer”, by Ty Bollinger, God began to speak to Stephanie about having a wellness center where people could come to learn about and partake in various healthful treatments and educational classes, beginning with juices and smoothies. We were then introduced to Dr Alicia Barton, Chiropractor at the Full Armor Center, who told us that when she and her husband (who runs the CrossFit area) were building their center, God told her to include a space for a juice bar, and that He was preparing someone else to run it.


Today, Stephanie Rhodes and Glenna Grant are active in making healthy juices and smoothies, using fruits and vegetables, because pesticides and genetically modified foods (GMOs) are destroying our immune systems and overall health. We are working towards adding more layers of education and healthy lifestyle choices that will allow bodies to heal naturally and function properly. Glenna is working on becoming a Certified Aromatherapist, and looks forward to adding essentials oils to our repertoire of healthy living choices. If you would like more information about Agapé Juices, contact us today.



Jennifer M.

“Amazing product and amazing people. Everything I've ever had from there is delicious. Highly recommended.  Excellent service.”


Robert S.

“Absolutely loved this place!! The owners that served were so knowledgeable and eager to share the benefits of their craft! The unique drinks were wonderful!! Definitely recommend!”


Cgris W.

“Wonderful customer service.  Absolute best real deal smoothies!!!! Nothing artificial. Everything is fresh and cold pressed.  The only genuine healthy alternative in Baldwin County.  The owners work very hard and are creative to give you a healthy tasty option. I could go on for days, but the products speak for themselves. Just try it. You definitely won't regret it.”